A bit about me, Sophie, Illustrator and Designer

and the story behind Duck and Peach.

Hello I'm Sophie. I'm a multi-media illustrator and artist based in Derbyshire, although I originally hail from Edinburgh in Scotland. To cut a long story short, I once lived and worked in London, where a few years ago I also became a mum.

My daughter was nicknamed Peach roughly 5 minutes after she was born - she was, and still is, a real Peach.

When she was little, we moved to Derbyshire where instead of saying "Alright Mate?" or "Hiya Hen" (Scotland) or "Konichiwa" (Japan) or even just simply "Hello" (Everywhere), the good people of Derbyshire say "Ay Up Me Duck?!" which is now one of my very favourite phrases. 


And this is how the name                           came to be.


My passion is children's illustration and literature, and one of my favourite thing's to do is peruse the children's section of a bookshop and look at all the picture books...  I have a ginormous collection of children's books which I hope one day to add to with books of my own.


In 2015 I completed an MA in Visual Communication specialising in Children's Illustration at The University of Derby, and I now work all the hours I can creating designs for Duck and Peach.


My artwork is lighthearted and eye-catching, done with the intention of making people smile - I like using bold colours and a variety of textures. My work is often based on observations about people and about life - I have an eye for the absurd and I like to try and encompass a bit of humour in to my illustrations where I can too.



In my shop you will find all kinds of lovely Duck & Peach bits and bobs including

Framed and Unframed Art Prints, Greetings Cards, Plushies and Pin Badges.













Duck & Peach

Peach Alone Peach Alone Peach Alone Llama for Website est 2015 c Sophie